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Stella’s Voice cont.

By Grace Taylor Harmon
I have been home from Moldova for about two weeks now, and the reality of that continually shocks me. I will never forget the time God allowed us to spend there, the friends He gave, and the opportunities to share God’s word with people who may have never heard it.
What I would like to testify to now is God’s sovereignty and the way He has been faithfully working in a particular area of my life. As mentioned in some of my previous posts, I have the amazing opportunity to write for a magazine titled Embolden Magazine on a ministry in Moldova called Stella’s Voice. Their vision is to “…provide a home for poverty-ridden girls in Moldova after they are aged out of the state-run orphanages at the young age of 16. The ministry also has the only Christian orphanage in the country, as well as a separate home for boys…Stella’s Voice is more than a cry for help and rescue. It is also a beacon of help and hope, making an eternal difference for desperate children.”
Stella’s Voice is special to me because God has laid on my heart fighting against human trafficking and when I found out about this ministry in November 2012 I knew there was something deeply special about it…Read More


Our writer Grace visited Stella’s House and Providence House in Moldova. You can read her article here:


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