Stereotypical Hearing Loss: Are our ears too clogged to hear the beat of the unbeliever’s drum?

By Josie Barone

Josie Barone

Since I have the unique privilege of interviewing myself for this piece, as a regular contributor to Embolden, I had the opportunity to engineer the questions myself! So, here we go.

How, Josie, did you come up with this unusual title? Better yet, how did you come up with this idea for a book?
Well, the inspiration came about quite unexpectedly one morning a few months ago, which I share on the opening pages of this short book:

“I near the end of a morning run as I enter my subdivision, one street away from my own. A slight decline and one turn and I have arrived home. My steps are in sync with a good “running” song, ‘I Would Walk 500 Miles’ which flows through my ear buds when I notice an old Q-Tip sitting near the curb. Odd. As I slow down to take in the sight of this toiletry item on the pavement, a phrase interrupts and overrides the song:

‘Are our ears too clogged to hear the beat of the unbeliever’s drum?’

Say what?

‘Are our ears too clogged to hear the beat of the unbeliever’s drum?’ I repeat the mantra until I enter the front door and scribble it on a piece of paper.

I think to myself, ‘This will make a great blog post.’ And move on about my day. Until later in the afternoon. I happen upon a website and a book contest which happens to end 24 hours after my stumbled-upon Q-Tip. The topic needs to be on social culture or something like that. I have in no way any experience in such climates, as I struggle to regulate my own temperature since menopause is rounding the corner attempting to catch me. And trends? Well, I am still waiting for overalls to come back in style. Or is style not a trend? Is there a difference? Can you see my dilemma here?

But the phrase from earlier has me going back to it, pondering its meaning. Wondering why I would write on this and what I would say.

Questions pour into my mind. ‘Is it possible we in the Christian realm are out of tune with our own heart’s beat? Have we forgotten how to relate to the rhythm of the far off? Is it possible we are off-key in the songs we sing? Have we in some way messed up the original lyrics written from the ones penned years ago on how to relate to such individuals?’

So I sit down at my computer and attempt to fill the pages with answers to these questions. Nothing. Maybe I am trying too hard.

I decide to walk away from the screen and, in doing so, the song from the morning makes its way back to the forefront of my mind. ‘I would walk 500 miles for you…’

A question emerges from deep within. Would I really? I hope I am at the point in life I could give you an assured, ‘Yes.’ But, not too long ago, I don’t know if I would have ventured that far for one who was outside my immediate inner circle.”

This message is not necessarily on how to reach others with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. It is more of an inward journey to recognize if there may be anything in us that hinders our mission to reach the lost for Christ.

Microsoft Word - Stereotypical Hearing Loss.docxWhat are your expectations for this book?
My hope is this book will stir us up a bit, perhaps make us uncomfortable, with the sole goal of allowing this unsettledness within to erupt into a longing in our hearts to reach those on the broad road with a refreshed passion.

How much will this cost?
Nothing! This free downloadable book is available for anyone and everyone at www.yellowbrickidentity.com.


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