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By April Lynn Newell

Selfie Dad 2Brad Silverman was making people laugh, established in the entertainment industry when Jesus was shared with him.

Not the average gospel-sharing place or story, too true.

“[I was] born and raised Jewish in Los Angeles and found my way into stand-up comedy. In the mid-90s while in the entertainment industry, a faithful friend shared Christ with me and after a couple years of back and forth – along with God’s grace in breaking my pride – I repented and came to faith in Him,” Brad Silverman says.

Brad then went into full time ministry for many years before returning to the film industry.

“The Lord called me to a career in writing and directing. In 2010 I wrote and directed the Christian drama No Greater Love; followed by 2013’s prodigal daughter film Grace Unplugged – both released by Lionsgate,” he says.

Selfie Dad 3   Today, Brad oversees the children’s ministry at his church as he and his wife Hayley raise their four children. Brad also continues his journey of combining ministry with entertainment.

“For years people have asked me about combining my comedy background with ministry. I was approached to develop a Christian kid’s video series and in God’s design I began ‘experimenting’ with little videos, which found their way to YouTube,” says Brad. “The response was immediate and strong, which caused us to fervently pray for the Lord’s guidance as we sensed being called to expand our online family video ministry.”

Thus, Selfie Dad was born and developed. The YouTube channel contains comedic videos that Brad and his family hope “tell! deep truths that pastors and lay leaders can use to benefit their ministries”.

“While the idea of the videos originally began as a Bible show of sorts for kids, we soon realized that basic biblical concepts – whether intended for kids or not – also apply to adults. So, the basic need we sensed was that theologically sound, Christ-honoring videos told in a whimsical, funny, family-friendly way may have appeal to believers and unbelievers alike,” he explains. “At its core, we want to tell deep truths through brief, engaging videos. We also hope to be an encouragement to the body of Christ at large.”

While the church can support Selfie Dad by sharing their YouTube videos, Brad stresses that his “primary hope is not that the church better support us – but rather that we may bring glory to God by being a support to the church”.

Those interested can subscribe to the Selfie Dad YouTube channel and like the Facebook page for updates.

“Commenting and liking the videos themselves would be a blessing as this creates conversation within the online communities,” Brad says. “Ideally, the videos can be used as conversation starters for spiritual encouragement as well as evangelism.”

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