IMG_4203_1Just thought I would update everyone on the progress of our debut issue and give a big THANK YOU to the body of Christ for all their work and support!

I’ll start with an awesome testimony:

A few weeks ago, I attended Student Life camp with our youth group (my husband is youth minister at our church). I was trying to work in between water games and Bible studies. One thing that kept bothering me in my work was that while God seemed to be bringing together Issue 2 (see below) about His work in India, I just wasn’t sure I had enough content or contacts to make it the cover feature. So my husband and I arrive at our 3rd or 4th minister’s meeting that week. He grabbed a cup of joe while I found us seats, ordained seats unbeknownst to me.

So I sit down next to a girl we met when we arrived at the beginning of the week. I noticed she had an accent but wasn’t around her long enough to place it. Half way through this meeting the camp director gives this girl the floor and she began to share her testimony as a sponsor child in India.

WAIT! There’s more…

She is currently working on a degree in mass communications/journalism. That’s right. I was stressing about having enough content and God said, “See what I can do?”

WAIT! There’s more…

So after she shares, the camp director finishes the meeting and then asks us to gather in small groups to pray. Guess who was in our group?



How awesome is God? His hand is in all things! I hope this small testimony of His love and plans encourages you today, because it definitely encouraged me! I saw God’s providing and caring nature. His plans will not be undone. Silly me to think that such a little snag was really a snag to our great, all-powerful Creator of the universe.

So on that note: I’m happy to announce with full confidence that August 2013 will see the first-ever issue of Embolden Magazine. Writers have interviewed, researched and composed testimonies that I hope will inspire and encourage you. Proofreaders have combed through every sentence to make sure the product we give you is excellent! I am so thankful to those whom God has brought to help develop this dream. You will have the opportunity to meet them (sort of) when Issue 1 arrives.

It is also my complete joy to tell you that Embolden will be available in both digital and print versions!

God is so good. Issue 2 is even in the works as we speak; that’s right, Issue 2 is beginning to formulate even before Issue 1 has been sent to the presses! Thank you to every ministry worker, faithful servant, artist and believer who has had a part in all this. Thank you church for coming together and encouraging us in this endeavor. May it bless you all.

Remember, we are called to share our testimonies, for through the “word of our testimony we will overcome” (Rev. 12:11). So when (not if) you have something to share about how you have seen God work in your life, ministry, endeavor, etc. please tell us about it! Visit our Facebook, Twitter or e-mail (emboldenzine[at]outlook[dot]com) us about God’s awesomeness! Your testimony could be just what someone needs to hear to step up and be bold, to give their life to Jesus or to share Him with someone else.

God bless!

April Lynn Newell



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