Issue 1 Testify! Question

Beauty in Imperfection 2 Each of our issues will feature a Testify! Question to help foster thinking about what God has done and is doing in our lives. This question is meant for YOU to SHARE! We are called, by God, to share our testimonies, to tell others what He is doing in, through and around us. You can start simply by answering our first question in 1 to 3 sentences and posting below in a comment, on our FB or Twitter, or e-mail us at emboldenzine@outlook.com. Here are some of the ways Jesus has become more than a name to our volunteers: When I realized deep down in my heart that Christianity wasnt just another “religion” it was TRUTH. That the Bible isn’t just supposed to be used for moral instruction but rather living words from a living God. Boom… Jesus is really real.—Will Brooksbank I attended a conference that showed me how to live by God’s universal principles that He put in place for our blessing. It opened up a new understanding for me of how God has provided for us beyond a list of do’s and don’t’s. –Linda Hare He spoke to me and called me by name. –Penne Jaster Jesus became more than a name to me when I had an experience in which I was shown in detail that He has been faithfully standing by my side throughout my entire life, through every trial and every circumstance good and bad. He has always been there, and will continue to always be there, offering His faithfulness, love and protection. –Grace Taylor Harmon When I went to school on another continent and I had to be away from everything I knew and loved. I was forced to rely on Him totally, and I experienced Him in a reality like I never knew was possible! I think that was the point when Jesus went from being a name I knew, to being a person I knew. –Rachel Hare One summer when I went to youth camp and saw how God is the common thread that ties us all together as Christians. We were able to get along like siblings with people we’d never met before, and we knew that pretty much no matter what, we would see them again. –Emily Hare Jesus became more than a name by being there when no one else was. He loved me when others left me and put me back together when I was broken. –Leanna Foreman Jesus became more than a name to me the night I heard the gospel presented in a way I absolutely could not deny. Jesus’ love and mercy became so real to me I could literally feel Him ministering to me! His overwhelming peace and love for me despite all the sin I had in my current life and especially my past, was washed away from me and replaced with victory, wholeness, pure joy and gratitude unexplainable! There is nothing or no one who could change my faith and belief in Jesus! Whether He never does anything in my life again or ever uses me again, He has blessed me beyond more than I deserve or would have ever imagined! -Jennifer Tabor

Now it is your turn! Testify! How has Jesus become more than a name to you?


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