Hip hop artist, Ryan Martinez, shares his journey of faith

 Ryan Martinez-Testimony

 I came from a broken home and, although my dad attended church, I lived with my mom who never really gave me an understanding of the importance of God.

All through high school I was addicted to porn and sought satisfaction in sexual relations with many different people. My senior year I began to use drugs to try to cover up the turmoil that was going on inside of me. Sex and drugs and porn were a huge struggle for me, for much of my teenage life.

I was not what you would call a lover of God. In fact, I was a lover of sin and, until I gave my life to Christ, that’s what pretty much ruled my life. But no matter where you are you can overcome through the blood of Christ. No matter how many mistakes we have made in the past, God is willing to forgive us and give us a life that will fulfill our souls.

I sought after God from about the time I was 18, and I had many ups and downs. I hit rock bottom in the summer of 2011 and decided that God wasn’t real. I gave up the thought of a loving God. This was when my life was at its worst and I didn’t want to go on any longer.

In November 2012, I broke down and laid my heart before Christ and told Him that I couldn’t do life alone any longer. It finally hit me that my struggles stemmed from the fact that I gave up on seeking God. I began to feel the love that He had and I was compelled to tell people of the miracles and the joy God can bring to our lives.

That day I decided I was going to work on getting closer to Jesus and I wrote my first song, What is Love, which is one of my most popular. From then on it seemed that everything began to fall into place. Around this time I had a lot of free time to myself. I didn’t really have a steady job and the majority of my time was spent writing music, perfecting my songs and seeking God in His word and fellowship. God was definitely providing for me during this time. My bills were always paid and I believe it’s because I was doing the will of God.

I just want people to understand that the talent I have is not by my own strength. I was seriously hopeless before Christ and I can’t believe the transformation He has done in my life. I never want people to look at my music and think about how awesome I am, because in all honesty, without Jesus, I suck. I just want to turn people’s eyes to Jesus, the God who came down and gave His life for us.

-Ryan Martinez

For Ryan’s work, visit soundcloud.com/ryan-adam-martinez or youtube.com/user/rymaWWJD.


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