Creed of Gold Movie Release


By Penne Jaster

An economic thriller of power players manipulating the market and free trade that side-swipes prosperity in the name of entitlement, new film Creed of Gold asks the questions, “Is there a group at the top of the economic markets or government that is manipulating the financial world,” “Do we need more transparency in the Federal Reserve,” and “Who, truly, controls the money supply?”
Born out of a historical reflection of a meltdown on Wall Street and the foreign economic collapse in the former Soviet Union, Crystal Creek Media presents a film that asks riveting questions about transparency in the banking industry and government policy.
Do we have the transparency and accountability in our economy that promotes success in the free market? Or does it reward those who can use their financial power to manipulate it into personal gain? What becomes of a society whose economy is based on entitlement? What is the end result of the lack of motivation to work hard for a living? Does the government have an adequate system of accountability to maintain a true free market? Is there place for and value in absolute truth? And what is the cost to the individual who stands up for what is right?
Father-son duo, Mark and Daniel Knudsen, have produced a full feature-length film to honor and glorify God. Each scene began with prayer as they directed the cast and crew. A menagerie of registered historical landmarks and over 100 people, primarily college students, participated in this production to bring together a work of history and art that asks core societal questions.
Visual effects specialist, Gabriel Everson, describes the film as taking in “all the different arts and bringing them all together for one comprehensive experience.”
The experience in making Creed of Gold was described by cast and crew as a life-changing, hard but worthy endeavor. The number and diversity of the cast and crew are testimonies of how God moved them into participating in this film.
Lorraine Knox, actress, recalls, “The variety and efficiency in which the cast and crew worked together was an amazing experience.”
Mark A. Knudsen, executive producer, describes, “One thing in life that involves teamwork more than anything else is making a feature length film.”
Director Daniel Knudsen, describes the process as, “capture[ing] simple, complex, beautiful moments all together.”
The resounding sound of a scene well done was his “Cut, Print, Perfect!” The cast describes the experience as encouraging and uplifting.
“Making a film is like running a marathon,” Daniel Knudsen says. “It is a very intense race but there is also a long distance traveled. The relationships that are built and memories made are there for a long time afterwards.”
Daniel Knudsen expresses the theme woven through Creed of Gold in quoting G.K. Chesterton, “Fairytales do not just teach us that dragons are real but that dragons can be defeated.”
The film challenges the viewer to summon the moral courage to overcome the walls that are in their society and government with a theme encouraging viewers to fight for what is right, no matter what sphere they are in.
“There is real value in truth; it makes us stronger and better as people,” says one crew member.
Creed of Gold is centered on the need for absolute standards and absolute truths. In the war against success and God, do you have the courage to fight?
Creed of Gold released in limited theaters on Aug. 1, 2014 and to DVD on Aug. 12, 2014.



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