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The Other Side of the Pen

By Mandy Fender

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headshots-248_crop15263071I can remember when I was eight-years-old I was walking in the store with my mother and saw a book full of empty pages for a new story to be written. I imagined all the worlds I could create and the characters I could bring to life with that one journal, and begged my mom for it. She obliged, and from that moment forward, I was a writer. My very first story in that exact book sits on my bookshelf in my office today.

I believe in the power of words, whether written or spoken and, for me, writing is just another avenue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. With all my heart, I hope to cast a light in the darkness through my fiction and non-fiction works. I write because I am led to do so. It is my dream and my passion and I am so blessed to get to pursue it.

My very first published work is Beautifully Broken, whbeautifullybroken-fender-ebookweb15263070ich is non-fiction. In writing that book, I embraced my call fully and just went for it. This book has changed my life and allowed me to see God’s true love and work in my own life. I wrote it for others, but I think it transformed me the greatest in the process.  I hope that women will be encouraged by it as well!

plt15263072My second is another non-fiction book entitled Pretty Little Truths and it’s a play off the popular TV show Pretty Little Liars. I thought that young women would respond to the title, so I wrote 52 devotionals that were current to their needs. I hope that they are uplifted and see Jesus through the pages.

Defier is my debut novel and was the biggest challenge of all to write, but I think it turned into something amazing. It is a Christian dystopian about faith, courage, and standing for what you believe in and was inspired by Christian bravery. I decided to make it a trilogy. The second book in the series is out as well called, Sparrow. And book three will arrive late summer of 2017.defier-fender-ebook-awards215263068sparrow-fender-ebookweb15263069

My writing journey has not been easy. I did not think I could cut it. I was afraid of criticism and not being enough, but God has been my strength.  I had to learn that the opinions of man should never overshadow God’s promises for my life. My writing career is not nearly over yet, so I will keep trusting in the Lord through it all and write as He leads.

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