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Who We Are:

Embolden Magazine is a ministry that publishes a free quarterly magazine, focused on testimonies of God at work, made available online for individuals and in print for Christian business offices, lobby’s, wait rooms and churches. Embolden is supported by faithful volunteer writers and editors and Vital Seed Ministry International.


Embolden seeks to inspire, renew and strengthen faith through the testimony of God’s love, power, grace and provision at work all around the world today.

Three-Fold Mission:

To the Reader: To encourage and embolden believers to join God at work and engage in furthering the kingdom.

To Ministries: To get the word out about what God is doing and how people can be involved.

To Christian Business Owners: To provide a way to be a light in their businesses.

To God be the glory for every sentence, margin, graphic, story and blessing of this publication.

If you are interested in volunteering with Embolden Magazine in any of the following capacities, please contact us at emboldenzine@outlook.com:

Writer | Proofreader | Photographer | Layout and Design | Caller | Prayer | Other

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-April Lynn Newell


To donate:

Please send checks or cash to:


C/O April Newell

6650 Prue Rd. #824

San Antonio, TX

Make checks payable to Vital Seed Ministries Inc.