A Life Fully Engaged

Today I had a super nice customer come in who happened to be a homeless man around the age of 22. He ordered some water for him and his dog and started talking with me, ending the conversation with how I should come out and meet his dog if I had time.

He stayed throughout the rest of my shift, popping in every once in a while to get more water, every time asking if I would come meet his dog. I put it off until the end of my shift when I finally went outside. What I saw astonished me–he was sitting on the ground, talking and playing with his dog, with more love and affection than I have ever seen someone give a dog.A Life Fully Engaged - Testimony from the Coffee Shop

As he walked away, I realized that the dog was all this man had and all he wanted was to share that with me. I had the worst attitude about going “out of my way” to talk outside with him. It made me realize that I need to live a life fully engaged, open my eyes bigger, forget about my busy life and to be on the lookout for whatever God can use as an opportunity to love people and let them see Christ.

God can use us across the world to reach people in a nomad tribe but He can also use us down the street, in a coffee-shop, in the very city where we live. That man almost walked away without the slightest effort on my part to speak with him, and I don’t think that’s OK. I don’t think that, as someone saved by Christ, I should ever find myself throwing away perfect opportunities to be a witness…no matter the circumstance.

My God is so much bigger than that.

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